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Welcome to Intention Enterprises

Using education and experience in Business, Accounting and Finance Intention Enterprises, LLC helps companies see

where the holes are in the people, process and polices; that keep them from making the BIG P Profit!

We can provide qualified professional services who can ensure that your financial records are maintained correctly and accurately.

Our bookkeepers can also assist in setting up and training your staff on the financial systems that you might be using or installing,

such as Quick Books or other legacy systems. We work with you to ensure that your business processes are conducted in a manner

that ensures ongoing integrity in your financial transactions.


Accounting services no longer require in-house staff and all the accompanying overhead expenses and hassles.

Advances in technology now allow us to securely provide you with bookkeeping services anywhere in the world.

You can access High-level service for a fraction of the cost of in-house staff.

We understand that each business has unique needs. At Intention Enterprises, LLC, we use an experience-based system to help you

change your business to a profit first mind set. As an added benefit, we are available to answer your questions and help with your

ongoing and changing business needs.



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