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Christine D. Roberts- Kelly , MBA

Christine is a transformational Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and a business executive who transcends financial and accounting expectations with exceptional results. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Corporate Finance and Master’s Degree in Business and Accounting Christine’s areas of specialty include Healthcare and Pharmaceutical organizational management, New Businesses with human resource leadership and human capital management, developing operational processes and procedures for supply management, and efficient inventory and quality control strategies. Christine has climbed the career ladder from a controller to a Chief Revenue Officer and more recently , a Chief Executive Officer . Christine’s hardwork and dedication has earned exponential results throughout her career endeavors, and she is recognized for developing authentic contacts and maintaining business relationships with stakeholders. Christine’s superlatives of action include preparedness, self-sufficient, innovating, and a quality negotiator. Moreover, through emotional intelligence as a leader, she creates a cooperative and collegial working environment with her co-workers and staff members.As a life-long learner, with 20+ years of business development and consulting, Christine has collaborated with a variety of businesses and their interests, exceeding in those opportunities with maximum results. Christine provides effective and efficient resolution to unexpected business concerns and quality assurances within a developing company.Christine recognizes the value of capital, resources, and profit within a business to help meet its sustainability needs. She prioritizes the input - throughput- output model to identify inefficiencies in a business to promote methods that will create a positive outcome for business development.As an Entrepreneur, Christine founded Intention Enterprises LLC, a business services company that looks to support small to medium business organizations from inception to sustainable growth. Christine is passionate about efficient business solutions and offers her finance skillset to advise executive-level leadership for business and financial literacy consulting, and bookkeeping services. In supporting these businesses, Christine allows them to reclaim time and focus on their offerings . Her strategic foresight, drive, and collaboration supports businesses in streamlining the path for the business leaders of tomorrow, while allowing them, their teams, and business to thrive with exponential results.Christine is teamed with two non-for-profit boards as a treasurer, and has been featured in an article as a spotlight volunteer for the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA). As a community partner , Christine’s company Intention Enterprises LLC is recognized as an inclusion partner with The City of Boynton Beach. 

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