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  • Christine Roberts

Monday 10/31

Today is the last day of what seemed to be an extra  long month ( okay maybe 🤔 it was only for me ) !

I was reminded that although it felt never ending I made it 🎉🎉👏👏!                                                   So this calls into to question how did I do it , like really ??!! Was it motivation or Discipline that moved me forward each day ?

I will tell y’all for sure it was discipline , my personal systems ( you know the things that are part of the routine) and lastly motivation.

Discipline usually, helps you push through the times when motivation is low, so you can keep progressing.

Motivation on the other hand , Is Inspiring And you should harness every last drop of it , but it is Fleeting.

So today I pose the question …

Are you going to be a passive participant and wait for motivation to guide you, or are you going to actively build the discipline to gain more control over your current situation , over your success and over your goals ?

Here are a few tips I’ve found to dial up on discipline .

Choose a goal.

Find your why.

Identify obstacles.

Replace old habits.

Monitor your progress.

Try to avoid distractions.

Reward yourself when you experience success.

Don't let a fear of failure or an occasional setback discourage you .                                                   


Check out this article from @forbes for more insight on discipline  :

If you have some tips on increasing discipline or motivation please share in the comments!

Happy Monday Y’all !!

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