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  • Christine Roberts

Monday 10/17

Intention + Action = Progress ( MAGIC)

Some Mondays I am full of ideas, things to say, and I’m so ready to write this post. Then there are those Monday’s..  I am like WTF! I can’t find an idea, and My Intention + Action = Progress ( MAGIC) statement feels heavy !

So in an attempt to clear my mind I pick up one of my favorite books. I turn to October 17 in hopes of finding inspiration. And there it is !! the universe had  once again delivered something to me that I’ve been looking for.

And it says feeling overwhelmed is a trap!

I thought there you go, That’s just what You’re feeling  ..overwhelmed by the week ahead and overwhelmed by the actions You know You need to take in order to move forward.

So, she says make a list. Simple enough ..make a list of the things that are making me feel overwhelmed and maybe making me feel a little stuck .. then just pick one thing to do!

And that’s exactly what I did.  I picked the one thing I needed to do , which was to write this post. And I could already start to feel the shift.

Sometimes it just takes that one spark, that one quote you read ,  to get the ball rolling . In that  instance I recognized that , first of all you’re not alone in this process and second just take the simple step , one action . POW 💥 A lit fuse!

So I’ll leave you with this one quote  “begin simply, quietly, by Acknowledging feeling overwhelmed. Denying the pull of life and its task doesn’t remove stress; it compounds it.” Melody Beattie

Happy Monday Y’all !!

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