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  • Christine Roberts

Happy Monday 10/10

A life of reaction is a life of slavery, intellectually and spiritually. One must fight for a life of action, not reaction.

Ask yourself…

Are you living a life of action or reaction?

Living in reaction disempowers us and puts our progress (MAGIC) in the hands of others.

Reactionary life shows up as

constantly responding to people, situations and circumstances coming at you.

While a life of

Actions is you making the decisions to show up for yourself.

I believe action is when mindset meets planned movement. These are few of my “get ya mind right girl” ( yup that’s me talking to me lol 😂) action steps :

Living in intention.

Stop waiting until conditions are perfect.

Do it now !

Stop over-thinking things.

Take continuous action.

Do it scared!

Focus on the NOW .

Eliminate the distractions.

What is your intentional action for the week?

Happy Monday Y’all !

Intention Enterprises can help you take intentional action in your new or established business . We can help you set up your LLC or Corp . Correct establish  accounting processes and provide fractional CFO services . We even help you see the details in your processes that could be costing you profit ;by providing consulting services .

Let’s have a free discovery call !

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