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  • Christine Roberts

Happy Monday ! 10/3/2022

It’s a little after 7pm Sunday evening when I finally sit down to write and think about my Monday post .

And I’m struck by how high my grass is , how content my fur baby Jax is walking around sniffing the air and how still the air feels . Then I hear myself exhale and I’m filled with relief and a little guilt because of that feeling .

Y’all last week here in Florida was so freaking crazy , scary and long and unsettling and plain old sad .

And I’m left wondering how do I start this new week feeling inspired , projecting intentionally and fortified for action ????

Damn !!

So this week I’ve decided that I will intentionally be extra grateful . Grateful that my son from Orlando made it safely home to me ..when not even 20 minutes from him my dear friend’s daughter had to be evacuated by the National Guard.

I will intentionally grant myself and others GRACE as we navigate & process the happens of the previous week.

I will intentionally take steps to assist those that need help as they rebuild after this storm.

Lastly I will make every effort to intentionally not feel guilty for being relieved that the storm missed my family .

This week I ask that y’all to join me in praying for the Floridans affected by the storm .

I know taking these small intentional actions will move me closer to the magic Bc frankly

Feeling relief 😮‍💨 is its own type of progress !

Happy Monday Y’all !

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